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    Quality is life, service is the tenet

    網站首頁  ◇  產品展示    ◇  GC IC LC色譜配件耗材 ◇   SHIMADZU島津 > SHIMADZU色譜柱島津色譜柱
    • 島津色譜柱
    • 島津色譜柱
    • 島津色譜柱


    更新時間:  2018-12-21

    產品型號:  SHIMADZU色譜柱


    所  在  地:  江蘇昆山市新南中路888號純高聯邦國際1幢35

    產品特點:  島津色譜柱
    202-32002-32 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 5.0



    202-32002-32 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 5.0

    202-32002-32 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 5.0
    202-32002-34 FIX. THICKNESS CELL,KRS-5 0.05
    202-32002-35 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 0.1
    202-32002-36 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 0.2
    202-32002-38 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 0.5
    202-32002-39 FIX. THICKNESS CELL, KRS-5 1.0
    202-32002-45 FIXED CELL,CSI 0.1 /IR
    202-32002-64 FIX.THICKNS CELL,CAF2 0.05T
    202-32003-14 MICRO CELL, NACL, 0.05/IR
    202-32003-16 MICRO CELL, NACL, 0.2/IR
    202-32003-24 MICRO CELL, KBR, 0.05/IR
    202-32003-25 MICRO CELL, KBR, 0.1/IR
    202-32003-34 MICRO CELL, KRS-5, 0.05/IR
    202-32003-38 MICRO CELL, KRS-5, 0.5/IR
    202-32006-10 GAS CELL,5 CM NACL/IR
    202-32006-20 GAS CELL,5 CM KBR/IR
    202-32006-30 GAS CELL,5 CM KRS-5/IR
    202-32007-10 GAS CELL, 10 CM NACL/IR
    202-32007-20 GAS CELL, 10 CM KBR/IR
    202-32007-30 GAS CELL, 10 CM KRS-5/IR
    202-32010 EVACUABLE KBR DIE
    202-32011 MICRO KBR DIE, 2MM LLETS /IR
    202-32012 MICRO KBR DIE, 5MM LLETS /IR
    202-32224-01 BURNER HEAD ASSY /AA-630/640
    202-32665 FILTER HOLDER/UB-365
    202-34141 KBR CRYSTAL, 100 GRAM/IR
    202-34141-84 CRYSTAL,KBR 100G/IR
    202-34142 MICRO KBR DIE, 5MM/IR
    202-34427 RING, TEFLON/AA
    202-35005 P.C.BOARD, PR-610/AA-630
    202-35022 AXIS HOLDER
    202-35023 SHAFT/AA-630
    202-35026 KNOB
    202-35030-91 *
    202-35247 BASE/IR
    202-35250 TABLET FRAME/IR
    202-35251 TABLET FRAME/IR
    202-35252 SPRING/IR
    202-35254 EXHAUST HOLE
    202-35255 PUNCHING BASE/IR
    202-35256 PUNCHING ROD/IR
    202-35257 BLIND CAP,TABLET
    202-35258 TABLET HOLDER/IR
    202-35261 SIEVE, #200/IR
    202-35262 SAMPLE BASE,2MM/IR
    202-35263 TABLET FRAME, 2MM/IR
    202-35264 SAMPLE BASE,5MM/IR
    202-35265 TABLET FRAME, 5MM/IR
    202-35425 SPACER,LEAD
    202-35426 SPACER,LEAD
    202-35427 SILICONE RUBBER,3T
    202-35428-01 SPACER,P23 0.025
    202-35428-02 SPACER,P23 0.05
    202-35428-03 SPACER,P23 0.1
    202-35428-05 SPACER,P23 0.5
    202-35867 CELL HOLDER ASSY/MVU-1A
    202-35988 MIRROR ASSY/UV-365
    202-35988-05 REFLECTING MIRROR
    202-36084 ADIBATIC PLATE/UV-210A
    202-36101 PIN
    202-36395 LEAF SPRING
    202-36547 HOOP GASCELL IR
    202-37292 DISPLAY PANEL
    202-37753 SAMPLE SAUCER/UV-360
    202-38132-01 SPRING
    202-38749 WIRING ASSY,(4)
    202-38757-01 ADJUSTER,BURNER /AA-640
    202-38779 ADJUSTING SCREW,AA
    202-39209 CELL HOLDER,MPS-2000
    202-39210 SPRING,PLATE UV-240/250
    202-39210-01 SPRING PLATE
    202-39211 SPRING,PLATE UV-240/250
    202-39897-01 CYLIND. CELL HOLDER,100MM/IR
    202-40225 SUPPORT FITTING
    202-40590-01 BUBBLER
    202-40714 BITE HOLDER
    202-40718 CHEST,CARBON
    202-40724 BITE,120 FOR CARBON CUTTER
    202-41677 SAMPLE PLATE
    202-41797 CHAMP
    202-41858 GEAR
    202-41873 NEEDLE VALVE,GVM
    202-42698 RECTIFIER UNIT
    202-42702 STATER ASSY,HVS
    202-42703 STATER PLATE,PL-V
    202-42773 P.C.BOARD,PHOTOMUL
    202-42773-84 PHOTO MULTIPLIER,PCB
    202-42775-01 SIGNAL CABLE
    202-42775-02 HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE
    202-42775-03 CABLE,SIGNAL
    202-42775-04 CABLE,HIGH VOLTAGE
    202-42776 SIGNAL WIRE
    202-43757 TUBUS PL-M
    202-43758 SET SCREW
    202-43764 FIXING PLATE
    202-43797 NEBULIZER HOLDER
    202-43800 SAMPLE INTAKE TUBE
    202-43800-02 SAMPLE UPTAKE PI
    202-43800-03 SAMPLE INTAKE TUBE
    202-43820 SPACER PL-M
    202-43882 SPACER
    202-43934 514.SELECT PCB
    202-43934-01 PCB,SELECTOR
    202-43934-84 SELECTOR.PCB/AS
    202-43978 CABLE J1
    202-45786 GAP GAUGE
    202-46080 PART OF FAN,GVM
    202-46087 HV POWER SOURCE CARD RE-10
    202-46400 SAMPLE TABLE,GVM
    202-46400-03 SAMPLE PLATE 6 MM
    202-46400-04 SAMPLE PLATE 8 MM
    202-46401 SCREW RECEIVER
    202-46408 GVM SAMPLE TASK FLAT
    202-46408-02 SAMPLE PLATE
    202-46550 P.C.BOARD,FOR PM
    202-46550-84 PCB,PHOTOMULTIPLIER
    202-46599 RUBBER INSULATOR
    202-46611-01 CONDENSER LENS,(Q1)
    202-46613 BLOCK TY SPACER
    202-46665 LID
    202-46687 EXIT SLIT B
    202-46707-04 SCR-4 UNIT,FOR SG300
    202-46710 SCR CONTROL CARD
    202-46710-84 PCB,SCR CONTROL
    202-47083 *
    202-47536 PUMP TABLE
    202-47558 SAMPLE PLATE C
    202-47562 FAN HEATER UNIT
    202-47562-01 FAN HEATER UNIT ASSY
    202-47593 PROXIMITY SWITCH
    202-48527 SAMPLE HOLDER
    202-48528-01 ANODE,5
    202-48528-02 ANODE ASSEMBLY
    202-49613 STABILIGER UNIT
    202-49620-01 SNAKE PI PLATE
    202-49628 EXTENSION PCB ASSY,RE-14
    202-49650 P.C.BOARD,AD/IF
    202-49650-01 AD/IF PCB
    202-49650-03 AD I/F PCB
    202-49650-82 PCB,AD/IF
    202-49650-83 PCB,AD/IF
    202-49650-84 PCB,AD/IF SERIAL
    202-49655 P.C.BOARD,ITG/ATT
    202-49655-01 P.C.BOARD,ITG/ATT
    202-49655-83 ITG ATT ASSY
    202-49662 P.C.BOARD,SELECTOR
    202-49662-01 PCB SELECTOR
    202-49729 COIL SEAT
    202-49825 P.C.BOARD,SCPU-80,RE
    202-50105 DIRECT INTERFALE,QP2000
    202-50112-01 LINE PI ASSY,FOR GC-14A DIF
    202-50116-03 HEATING SLEEVE,FOR I/F
    202-50117-01 HEATER ASSY,100V
    202-50117-11 HEATER ASSY,220V
    202-50117-12 HEATER ASSY
    202-50118-03 NUT,FOR I/F
    202-50119 STOPR PLATE
    202-50141 FLANGE CAP
    202-50157 RIBBON HEATER ASSY
    202-50157-11 RIBBON HEATER ASSY
    202-50158 TEMRTURE REGULATOR,100V
    202-50158-11 TEMRTURE REGULATOR,220V
    202-50158-12 TEMRATURE REGULATOR,240V
    202-50163 ARTURE ASSY
    202-50165 DEFLECTOR ASSY
    202-50169 EARTH ELECTRODE
    202-50174 YOKE
    202-50177 DISK RING
    202-50180 EARTH ELECTRODE
    202-50182 RING ELECTRODE
    202-50184 BASE ASSY
    202-50187 SCREW BOLT/QP20001S
    202-50190 HOLDER A
    202-50202-01 WIRE,WHITE
    202-50202-02 WIRE ASSY
    202-50202-03 WIRE,RED
    202-50202-04 WIRE,BLUE
    202-50202-05 WIRE,YELLOW
    202-50202-06 WIRE ASSY
    202-50202-07 WIRE,ORANGE
    202-50202-08 WIRE ASSY
    202-50202-09 WIRE ASSY
    202-50202-10 WIRE ASSY
    202-50202-11 WIRING ASSY,(1)L-130 CREA
    202-50203 WIRING ASSY,(2)
    202-50204 WIRING ASSY,(3)
    202-50205 WIRING ASSY,(4)
    202-50220 P.C.BOARD,POWER HV-9 /QP-2000
    202-50220-84 P.C.BOARD,HV-9 ASSY,REPAIR
    202-50225-84 P.C.BOARD,MS AMP,REPAIR
    202-50228 P.C.BOARD,RF/HV CONT. /QP-2000
    202-50228-84 P.C.BOARD,RF/HV CONT,REPAIR
    202-50231 P.C.BOARD,IS/LENS CONT.QP-2000
    202-50231-84 P.C.BOARD,IS/LENS CONT,REPAIR
    202-50234 P.C.BOARD,CPU/MEMORY /QP-2000
    202-50234-84 P.C.BOARD,CPU/MEMORY,REPAIR
    202-50235 P.C.BOARD,CRT/FD CONT./QP-2000
    202-50235-84 P.C.BOARD,CRT/FD CONT,REPAIR
    202-50236 P.C.BOARD,HD CONT. /QP-2000
    202-50236-84 P.C.BOARD,HD CONT,REPAIR
    202-50255-84 P.C.BOARD,EM PREAMP,REPAIR
    202-50262 P.C.BOARD,DC POWER A ASSY
    202-50279 CABLE,NO.2
    202-50281 CABLE,NO.4
    202-50289 FD/GPIB CONT.,QP20
    202-50342 HEATER SLEEVE ASSY,100V
    202-50342-11 HEATER SLEEVE ASSY,220V
    202-50342-12 HEATER SLEEVE ASSY,240V
    202-50343 SET OF INSULATOR
    202-50357 HOLDER,B
    202-50398-01 WIRING ASSY,WHITE
    202-50398-02 WIRING ASSY,GREEN
    202-50398-03 WIRING ASSY,RED
    202-50398-04 WIRING ASSY,BLUE
    202-50398-05 WIRING ASSY,YELLOW
    202-50398-06 WIRING ASSY,BROWN
    202-50398-07 WIRING ASSY,ORANGE
    202-50398-08 WIRING ASSY,GRAY
    202-50398-09 WIRING ASSY,VIOLET
    202-50398-10 WIRING ASSY,BLACK
    202-50399 CONTACT TUBE
    202-50422 NUT,M4
    202-50423 SPRING RING
    202-50445 FILAMENT
    202-50445-01 FILAMENT,0.175
    202-50446 BOX/QP2000
    202-50447 HEATING BLOCK
    202-50489 LEAD WIRE PLATE
    202-50491 NUT
    202-50492 SPACER
    202-50493 PLUG
    202-50496 HOUR METER ASSY
    202-50509 RING
    202-50518 RUBBER TUBE
    202-50519-05 EXTENSION CABLE 5M
    202-50519-10 EXTENSION CABLE 10M
    202-50519-15 EXTENSION CABLE 15M
    202-50519-20 EXTENSION CABLE 20M
    202-50593 HEATER CABLE
    202-50600-01 PT SENSOR
    202-50600-02 PT-SENSOR
    202-50723 ADAPTOR,FLANGE
    202-50724 CLAMP
    202-50749 NIPPLE
    202-50791-12 TRANSFORMER,230V
    202-50798-11 TRANSFORMER,220V
    202-50798-13 TRANSFORMER,240V
    202-50804-05 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX0.5M
    202-50804-10 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX1.0M
    202-50804-15 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX1.5M
    202-50804-20 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX2.0M
    202-50804-25 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX2.5M
    202-50804-30 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX3.0M
    202-50804-35 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX3.5M
    202-50804-45 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX4.5M
    202-50804-50 GLASS COLUMN,2.6MMX5.0M
    202-51295 MANIFOLD
    202-51387 CAPSULE STAND
    202-51388 PROBE STAND
    202-51430 SAMPLE INLET VALVE,DI.
    202-51436 COVER FLANGE
    202-51439 GUIDE
    202-51440 ROUND NUT
    202-51441 SLEEVE
    202-51442-01 PI
    202-51442-02 PI
    202-51444 SPACER
    202-51445 PLUG ASSY
    202-51486 ALIGNING POINT
    202-51488 PROBE ASSY,DI-20
    202-51495 SLEEVE ASSY
    202-51498 SAMPLE POT
    202-51498-84 SAMPLE POT...5/PKT
    202-51516 P.C.BOARD,TRIAC ASSY
    202-51519 DI CABLE ASSY
    202-51520 DI PANEL ASSY
    202-51522 NIPPLE
    202-51523 SWITCH BOX FOR RP-2 100V
    202-51676 HEATING BLOCK,UPR A
    202-51677 JOINT
    202-51680 SLEEVE
    202-51687 FIXTURE
    202-51690 PI
    202-51692 BRACKET
    202-51693 EXHAUST PORT COVER
    202-51695 HEATING BLOCK,UPR B
    202-51698 ORIFICE
    202-51893 JOINT,GM
    202-51896 PT-SENSOR/WIF-20
    202-51899 HOSE NIPPLE
    202-51970-01 NEON LAMP,ORANGE
    202-51970-02 NEON LAMP,GREEN
    202-52713 METER PANEL ASSY
    202-53841 SLIDE TABLE QP2000
    202-53845 SHAFT ASSY
    202-53850 CATCHER
    202-53862 ADAPTOR,MS SIDE
    202-53869 WBC ADAPTOR ASSY
    202-53886-10 COLUMN,EMPTY
    202-53886-20 GLASS COLUMN,QP20 2.6-20
    202-53886-30 GLASS COLUMN,QP20 2.6-30


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